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You’re not connected to your Linksys extender.When you see this message it means your Linksys range extender is not connected or not working.

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Read and setup Linksys extender or login into your Linksys range extender. only works on linksys extenders.

On this page you can make changes like changing name or password of your linksys extender or check attached devices on linksys range extender.

When you are not able to access then you can also try address to access your linksys extender.

Issues which can occur while setting up extender and how to fix them!

Extender are easy to setup but extender.linksys does not work every time. You can read the troubleshooting steps here or use our special tips to fix linksys login issues or improve your extender performance.

You can always power cycle you extender for basic issues like wireless not appearing in the list or LEDs are not working. If extender is not working at all then try changing your power socket and also avoid extensions or surge protector. Always keep your extender above and in central location for maximum range and connectivity.

Some times WPS is not working in that case try resetting the extender by holding the reset button for 10 seconds and release it. If is not working then use IP address for your extender as it assign different IP when it’s been setup.

Use IPCONFIG in command prompt to check the default gateway. Default IP for linksys is Use this IP first to see the login page. Admin or password is your default login.